WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy

South Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic is an approved physiotherapy provider in the WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy Network (WCB), and we accept WorkSafeBC claims. WorkSafeBC provides coverage for physiotherapy treatments if you have been injured in the workplace and have an approved claim.

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WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy Network Provider

Benefits of WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy

We are an approved physiotherapy provider in the WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy Network (WCB).
We can bill WorkSafeBC directly for your accepted claim.
We work with your doctor and WorkSafeBC to make sure you get all the treatments you need.

"I went to heal an injured shoulder from work. It was a great decision as I felt drastic improvement only after 1 session." ★★★★★

— Jeremy G.

worksafe physio treatment

Your physiotherapist will help you recover from your workplace injury, and show you how to prevent similar injuries from happening again. We will work with you to ensure that you can return to work as soon as you can safely do so.

During your fist visit at South Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic, your physiotherapists will ask questions about your work, how your injury occurred and the limitations the injury has created at your workplace.

Your physiotherapist will assess your injury and explain the treatment process, as well as your role and responsibilities in your recovery.

Do I need a doctor’s referral before receiving treatment for a workplace injury?

No, you don’t need a doctor’s referral.

What do I need to know about fees and coverage?

When you report your injury to WorkSafeBC, you will receive a claim number, which you need to give to your physiotherapist together with your Care Card Number, Claim adjustor’s name and phone number, name and contact information of your employer, and date of injury.

Always ensure that you let your physiotherapist know that you are seeking treatment for a workplace related injury.

  • Accepted claims:
    We can bill WorkSafeBC directly for accepted WorkSafeBC claims, and you will not have to pay any cost of your physiotherapy care.
  • Not accepted claims:
    If your claim has not been accepted, then you are responsible for the full cost of your physiotherapy treatment. You may contact your extended health benefits provider to find out if your plan covers physiotherapy treatments.
  • Pending claims:
    If your claim is pending, then your initial session of physiotherapy is still covered by WorkSafeBC (providing the injury is less than 60 days old). However, you will need to pay for any subsequent physiotherapy treatments upfront until you receive a decision on your claim.

If your WorkSafeBC claim is accepted after you have privately paid for subsequent physiotherapy treatments, then we will bill WorkSafeBC directly and reimburse you for any money paid.

If your WorkSafeBC claim is not accepted after you have privately paid for subsequent physiotherapy treatments and WorkSafeBC only covers your initial visit, we cannot reimburse you for your subsequent physiotherapy treatments. However, you may contact your extended health benefits provider to enquire if they will cover your physiotherapy treatments under your extended health benefits plan.

What are common workplace injuries and when can I expect to return to work ?

Injuries in the workplace are common, and can involve any part of the body. Typical injuries include low back strains/sprains, contusions, muscle strains, repetitive strains, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and occasionally bone fractures.

Both your doctor and your physiotherapist will work with you to determine when you might be able to return to work. This may include returning to your regular job with temporary modifications in e.g. hours and tasks, as well as return-to-work programs.