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What is a Contusion?


There shouldn’t be any confusion about a contusion. In plain English, it’s a bruise. We’ve all had them, especially as children: bumping into the dresser in the bedroom or getting tackled on the soccer pitch, for example. Contusions are very […]

What is Whiplash?


In Canada, whiplash accounts for more than $2 million in insurance claims each year that cost the economy about $600 million in lost work productivity, sick leave and medical care. Let’s take a look at some of the most common […]

Abnormal Gait and Balance Problems

abnormal gait

Most of us give little thought to walking; it’s movement that seems to come as naturally to us as breathing – except when it doesn’t. Walking takes strength, balance, sensation and co-ordination. Think about babies: first, they gain enough strength […]

What is Degenerative Disc Disease

degenerative disc disease

The discs that reside in our spinal columns are a vital part of our anatomy, acting as shock absorbers for our vertebrae and allowing our spines to bend and twist. These discs are located between vertebrae and are actually tire-shaped […]

How to Treat a Calf Strain

calf strain

The area of the leg behind the knee that reaches to the ankle is called the calf, deriving from the Old Norse word, kalfi, which referred to muscles in the lower leg. In any case, our calves comprise two major […]

What is Osteoarthritis of the Hip?

osteoarthritis hip

With our aging population here in Canada, you may have noticed an increasing number of people walking with canes or limping as they walk. Aging translates to wear and tear on our bodies, and our joints are very susceptible. One […]

How to treat a Strained Hamstring

hamstring injury

If you work for a large organization or are required to deal with one, you may have been hamstrung – prevented from taking action – by the endless bureaucracy. But hamstrings? What is a hamstring? Where is your hamstring located, […]

What is Facet Joint Syndrome?

facet joint syndrome

When we think about our joints, it’s the larger ones that usually come to mind: hips, knees and shoulders, for example. We rely on them to keep us moving, but we generally don’t think about them unless they aren’t working […]

What is Spinal Stenosis?

spinal stenosis definition

Referring in frustration, to a “pain in the neck” is a figurative way of calling someone annoying. However, it’s also an apt descriptor for cervical spinal stenosis, an ailment that literally can cause a pain in your neck – and […]

What is Sciatica?

what is sciatica

Do you have pain radiating from your buttock to your calf? Perhaps you have discomfort running from groin to knee. Interestingly, both of these diverse problems may fall under the rubric of sciatica. So, what is sciatica and what causes […]

What is TMJ?

tmj disorder

Here’s a topic worth jawing about: temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ disorder (TMD), a facial joint disorder that is painful, rather than fatal; however, it can be uncomfortable. When people who suffer from TMD open their jaws, the movement may […]

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

carpal tunnel wrist

On a daily basis, we don’t give much thought to our wrists, unless we are putting on a bracelet, affixing cufflinks or buttoning a sleeve. They are simply connectors, bringing more important body parts – hands and arms – together […]

Laser Therapy for Pain

laser therapy

“No pain, no gain,” says the common saying, but those who are victims of physical pain would undoubtedly agree that this aphorism refers to growth and emotional pain. Physical pain, by contrast, is a hindrance to growth. When you are […]