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post concussion syndrome

What is Post-Concussion Syndrome?

Hard hits to the head in any sport, including ice hockey and football, can cause mild traumatic brain injury, which is essentially how a concussion…

spinal stenosis definition

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis refers to the narrowing of the spinal canal, which houses the spinal cord, and the openings in it that provide passage for peripheral…

what is sciatica

What is Sciatica?

Do you have pain radiating from your buttock to your calf? Perhaps you have discomfort running from groin to knee. Interestingly, both of these…

tmj disorder

What is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)?

A TMJ disorder refers to problems with the jaw joints, muscles or fibrous tissues that connect them. TMJ disorders are most prevalent among women in…

carpal tunnel wrist

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

On a daily basis, we don’t give much thought to our wrists, unless we are putting on a bracelet, affixing cufflinks or buttoning a sleeve. They are…

laser therapy

Laser Therapy for Pain

When you are hemmed in by pain, your options become more limited; you are unable or unwilling to use your body in many of the ways you once took for…

IMS intramuscular stimulation

What is Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)?

You’re in pain and the sensation just won’t go away. You may have had an X-ray or an MRI that has not discovered any problem, but the pain continues…

stiff neck causes

Stiff Neck Remedies

Anyone who has ever had a stiff neck knows that they’re painful and awkward. The inability to turn your head sideways without pain makes everyday…

health insurance policy

Extended Health Benefits Explained

Extended health care plans offer a variety of benefits, generally including dental care, eyeglasses, physiotherapy and massage therapy. The benefits…

What Is Kinesiology

What Is Kinesiology?

Many people get referred to a Kinesiologist for rehabilitation and recovery, after a motor vehicle accident or work related injury, or as part of a…

high ankle sprain recovery time

What Is a High Ankle Sprain?

A high ankle sprain differs from the mild sprain that occurs when you roll your ankle. The ankle joint is a complex one, because it is the location…

rotator cuff injury symptoms

What is a Rotator Cuff Injury?

Should you be concerned when you hear those three words, rotator cuff injury? Let’s define the rotator cuff, discuss exactly what a rotator cuff…

shoulder bursitis

What is Shoulder Bursitis?

You’ve caught that high fly ball winging its way toward left field with a leap and a grab. As you throw it to third base for the out, you feel pain…


What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy’s beneficial effect on the body and its ability to optimize health and well-being derives from its acting on the muscular, nervous…

pinched nerve

How to Treat a Pinched Nerve

You can experience pinched nerves at a variety of places throughout the body. For example, you may have a pinched nerve in your wrist, causing carpal…

herniated disc

Herniated Disc vs. Bulging Disc

We don’t usually give our spines much thought – they are simply part of our anatomy. We know they help keep us upright, but that’s about all the…

tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

How do you get tennis elbow? When playing tennis, you may grip the racquet too tightly or use poor technique, putting stress on the tendons…

ankle sprains

Ankle Sprain and Instability

An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments, the bands of fibrous tissue that keep the ankle in place, are stretched or torn. It generally happens when…

achilles tendinitis

Achilles Tendon Problems

Achilles Tendinitis is an overuse injury due to repetitive motion that can cause pain, inflammation or degeneration of the tendon. It is common among…

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Plantar Fasciitis – Heel Pain

Ninety per cent of plantar fasciitis cases can be treated successfully without surgery. There are a variety of techniques that your physiotherapist…


Why Do Muscles Feel Tight?

We’ve all experienced the unpleasantness of stiff or sore muscles, whether they feel tight when we get out of bed in the morning or after a long walk…

neck pain and headaches

Coping With Neck Pain and Headaches

How many times have you thought of somebody to be “a pain in the neck”? Interestingly, however, a number of physical issues that affect the neck…

muscle knot

What is a Muscle Knot?

The knots we get in our muscles aren’t nearly so exotic or desirable; they’re painful. In addition, they’re not actually knots. So, what are……

shin splint

What are Shin Splints?

Shin splints are caused when the leg’s muscles and bone tissue are overworked by repetitive physical activity. There are a number of physical reasons…

injury prevention

How to Exercise Without Injuries

It may be winter and cold or snowy, but exercise still figures prominently in many people’s schedules. If you’ve just started an exercise regimen or…

back pain

Does Back Pain Go Away on its Own?

Your back is probably one part of your body that doesn’t require much thought – unless it’s hurting. Unfortunately, according to Statistics Canada,…

maintain good posture

How to Maintain Good Posture as You Age

It varies, depending on whether you are sitting or standing. When sitting at a desk, your knees should be level with your hips and your feet should…


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