Working out at a gym is a normal, and often even daily route for many Canadians. Some go to the gym to maintain a healthy exercise routine, others work on strengthening and toning their muscles, enhancing their endurance on a treadmill or exercise bike, or head do the gym as part of a weight-loss program. Many tend to the gym to perform their exercise routines that have been put together for them by their physiotherapist to treat certain conditions.

For those that go to a gym regularly, it seems very natural, and they are completely at ease with the gym environment and how to use the equipment. However, a recent Ipsos Reid Poll shows that many Canadians are actually intimidated by the gym, amongst those, many British Columbians. While some are afraid other people will watch them, others feel too overweight to go to the gym.

Find out more in our “Intimidated by the Gym?” Infographic:

Intimidated by the gym

Feeling intimidated about an EXERCISE PROGRAM?