Active Rehabilitation

Active rehabilitation is a personalized program of exercise therapy performed by a Kinesiologist and supervised by a Physiotherapist. It helps restore normal muscle function and control.

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Goals and Outcomes

Benefits of Active Rehabilitation

Helps return your body to a fully functional state following an injury by educating clients to exercise independently for long term success.

"Really enjoyed active rehab with Kevin - who made the exercises easier to incorporate in my daily life." ★★★★★

— Cho W.

active rehab exercises

At our first session we will discuss your injuries and the movements that cause pain. Your therapist will conduct a few tests to determine range of motion and areas of weakness.

After the initial assessment, we will develop a customized active rehabilitation exercise program for you that addresses the limitations caused by your injury to restore your flexibility, strength, core stability, balance and posture.

Your treatment plan will include a combination of exercises that you can do at home as directed by your therapist and some that are done in our clinic under direct supervision. You can expect one to three sessions per week for up to three months.

One of the main goals of active rehabilitation is education so that you can work independently towards regaining your optimal physical health.

How do I know if I need active rehabilitation?

The advantage of an active rehabilitation exercise in program is that individuals can complete most of the exercises in their home setting or local community center/gym.

Your Practicing Kinesiologist will teach you the correct movements during your clinical treatment sessions, and encourage you to perform the exercises at home even after your clinical treatment session is complete.

Do I need a Practicing Kinesiologist to start an active rehabilitation exercise program?

You should always consult a Practicing Kinesiologist before beginning an active rehabilitation program. Our advanced understanding of the human body allows us to tailor a program to you, your abilities, and your injury.

Your Practicing Kinesiologist will show you the right exercises so you can recover from your injury independently. They will also provide you with professional advice regarding your return to work.