Post-Op Rehab

The road to recovery following surgery can be daunting. At South Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic, we will guide you through a personalized rehabilitation program tailored to your type of surgery.

Our goal is to assist you in fulfilling your objectives for recovery and to help you return to work, sport, and recreational activities.

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Surgery Recovery We Support

Benefits of Post-Op Rehab

Will control the inflammation caused by surgery, restore the range of motion, reverse muscular inhibitions and strengthen the muscles to support the injury.
Will ensure the best and fastest recovery possible.

"Jonathan helped to speed the recovery of my range of motion after my recent total knee replacement." ★★★★★

— Michelle Philippe

post-op rehab physio

Post-Op Rehab plans always follow the rehabilitation specifications as outlined by your surgeon. They are designed to relieve pain and inflammation and promote early healing following surgery.

The goal of post operative rehabilitation is to help patients optimize their recovery and regain as much of their physical abilities as possible.

We will work with you on physical activities and flexibility exercises that will help you regain your range of motion and strength.

What can I expect my post-op rehab plan?

Your physiotherapy plan will be customized based on the type of surgery and the current stage of healing.

Your post-op treatment plan will include:

  • Education on your condition and what to expect for your recovery.
  • How to use any equipment you may have or need.
  • Controlling swelling and pain.
  • Improving range of motion.
  • Reducing muscle inhibition and facilitation of muscle activation.
  • Building strength and return to activity and sport.