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Post-Op Rehab Physiotherapy

Post-Op Rehab Physiotherapy
The road to recovery following surgery can be daunting. At South Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic, we will guide you through a personalized rehabilitation program tailored to your type of surgery.

Our goal is to assist you in fulfilling your objectives for recovery and to help you return to work, sport, and recreational activities.

Surgeries we can assist in the recovery from:

  • Knee surgeries, i.e. ACL reconstruction, meniscectomy
  • Shoulder surgery/reconstruction, i.e. rotator cuff repair, sub-acromial decompression
  • Wrist surgery: carpal tunnel release
  • Spinal surgeries, i.e. discectomy, laminectomy
  • Hip and knee replacement surgery
  • Ankle surgery – Achilles tendon repair
  • General surgeries – biopsy, mastectomy, thoracic surgery

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How does Post-Op Rehab Physiotherapy work?

Post-Op Rehab plans always follow the rehabilitation specifications as outlined by your surgeon. They are designed to relieve pain and inflammation and promote early healing following surgery.

The goal of post operative rehabilitation is to help patients optimize their recovery and regain as much of their physical abilities as possible.

We will work with you on physical activities and flexibility exercises that will help you regain your range of motion and strength.

Benefits of Post-Op Rehab Physiotherapy

   Will control the inflammation caused by surgery, restore the range of motion, reverse muscular inhibitions and strengthen the muscles to support the injury.
   Will ensure the best and fastest recovery possible.


We are an approved physiotherapy provider in the WorkSafeBC Physiotherapy Network (WCB). Learn more here.

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We bill ICBC directly for authorized treatments. Learn more here.

What Patients are Saying

  • The staff at this location is very professional and friendly. I have been a patient with Deepika for well over 1 Year .I am very happy with her knowledge and expertise she demontrates in her field. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, and my medical concerns have been well taken care of. Another bonus is the convenient location, where the service is being offered. I certainly recommend Deepika as a physiotherapist.

    Christina S. – Google review

  • I highly recommend South Vancouver Physio clinic! The staff are extremely welcoming and friendly. Deepika S has been treating my knee injury and after the first few sessions with her I could already see an improvement. She really takes her time and listens to you to understand where the problem areas are. She is great and I highly recommend seeing her.

    M O – Google review

  • I recently injured myself while doing the Grouse Grind. So, I decided to visit a physiotherapist to help with my recovery. I was very happy with the service and guidance that Jonathan provided. I highly recommend Jonathan and the team and South Vancouver Physiotherapy.

    Daniel M. – Google review

  • I strongly recommend this clinic. They primarily consider health, not money. Thanks for the good service, especially to my physiotherapist Deepika Shantaram Sawant!

    Ferhat Ç. – Google review

  • When I first attended South Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic in 2016 I could barely lift my hand. Thanks to Deepika that has changed. The minute you walk in for your treatment there is a sense of warmth and genuine caring. Deepika is very kind and friendly and always takes her time. After every session, I feel the tremendous benefit of her treatment with the heavy feeling in my hand disappearing. She gives fantastic professional advice and Physio sessions.I highly recommend Deepika to many and will not hesitate to continue to do so. Thanks to Deepika for her incredible knowledge and dedication to her patients.

    Chandani M. – Google review

  • I am really glad to find this place, and Deepka as therapist, she has been really helpful and understanding my pain. My specialist has given up treating my foot pain but Deepka has fixed them. The staff are also helpful and friendly. This is conveniently located and open long hours so anyone needs to work seriously, this is the place to go.

    Michiyo S. – Google review

  • Thank you wonderful team at South Van Physio. Thank you Pratik Vyas for excellent treatment plan. Highly recommended for physio needs.

    Ps J. – Google review

  • Jonathan has been treating my tricky lower back and neck issues for seven years now and I won’t see anyone else! He takes the time to understand what is bothering me, and responds with an appropriate treatment plan – I always leave feeling better than when I arrived.

    J.A. – Google review

  • The staff were really friendly and my physiotherapist helped me recover with a work related injury. She’s very caring and kind, and I loved her taping. I highly recommend the services that South Van Physio has to offer.

    Patrick A. – Google review

  • Deepika Sawant’s service is exceptional! I come here for ICBC injury and I feel much improved after visiting her regularly since the last car accident. Everyone here is so friendly and very helpful! I also love the relaxing atmosphere as well. Can’t stop raving about Deepika and this clinic to all of my families and friends!

    Miri L. – Google review

  • I really love the service. Thanks to my physiotherapist Deepika she helped me a lot to recover from my accident and later my knee. I love her tapping and care she shows towards her patients. She is awesome. Thanks again!!!

    Steph J. – Google review

  • Quick note to say thank you. Finally, I feel some relief!! Feel so much better than I did when I walked in there today. Much appreciate the treatment.

    Parveen – Google review

  • Deepika Sawant is simply Amazing! Her combination of methods is brilliant and my condition is improved so much after 4 sessions. Deepika is very professional, knowledgable and approachable! It is so relaxing and fun to work with her! Definitely highly recommended! I will for sure continue my treatment with Deepika.

    Emily C. – Google review

  • Deepika Sawant helped me with my rotator cuff – especially her exercise program that consistently helped to relieve the pain and give me more mobility. Deepika’s smile, positive approach and kindness made every appointment very pleasant. All the staff at reception was very polite and gracious.

    Elena U. – Google review

+ Common Questions About Post-Op Rehab Physiotherapy +

What can I expect my post-op rehab plan?
Your physiotherapy plan will be customized based on the type of surgery and the current stage of healing.

Your post-op treatment plan will include:

  • Education on your condition and what to expect for your recovery.
  • How to use any equipment you may have or need.
  • Controlling swelling and pain.
  • Improving range of motion.
  • Reducing muscle inhibition and facilitation of muscle activation.
  • Building strength and return to activity and sport.