Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy is a key component in many physiotherapy treatment plans because it proactively helps to restore normal muscle function and control. It is an important part of our clinical approach to help you move more easily, feel less pain, get stronger and be healthier.

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Goals and Outcomes

Benefits of Exercise Therapy

Helps you recover faster and return your body to a pain free, fully functional state following an injury.
Ensures your body maintains optimal function and control as well as prevents further injury deterioration and physical impairment.
Assists to prevent the occurrence of new injuries and episodes of reoccurring musculoskeletal disorders.

"I gained mobility and range again with her personalized program and it worked wonders to get me back in shape." ★★★★★

— Jonathan McNamara

exercise physiotherapy

After understanding your medical history and injury history, we will analyze any imbalances or deficiencies in your muscles, joints, nerves, and overall movement.

We will develop a customized exercise therapy program for you that addresses your flexibility, strength, stability, balance, coordination, and any sport-specific skills.

Your treatment plan will include a combination of therapeutic exercises that you can do at home as directed by your physiotherapist and some that are done in our physiotherapy clinic under direct supervision.

Can I do exercise therapy at home?

The advantage of exercise therapy in a rehabilitation program is that individuals can complete most of the exercises in their home setting or local community center/gym.

Your Physiotherapist will teach you the correct movements during your clinical treatment sessions, and encourage you to perform the exercises at home even after your clinical treatment session is complete.

Is exercise therapy the same as fitness exercise?

Exercise therapy differs from fitness exercise in that it has a treatment goal.

Exercise therapy is about learning the proper techniques for performing exercises. These exercises will promote healing by restoring range of motion, improving strength and flexibility in order to improve the natural control of our joints and tissues.

Do I need a physiotherapist to start a exercise therapy program?

You should always consult a physiotherapist before beginning a exercise therapy program. Our advanced understanding of the human body allows us to tailor a program to you, your abilities, and your injury.

Your physiotherapist will show you the right exercises so you can recover from your injury independently. This will also help to prevent future injuries and provide you with professional advice regarding your return to work, sport, or play.